Oscar Night 2017 Dinner Menu

Chef Attended Station
Carved Peppered Baron of Beef
Served with assorted buns & rolls, fresh horseradish relish,
Dijon & grainy mustards, red wine jus
Chef Attended Station*
Mashed Potato “Martini” Bar
Yukon festival of potatoes, Whipped red, yellow & blue nuggets with butter & sour cream
Guest’s choice of garnish:
Wasabi & celeriac, crumbled English stilton & double smoked bacon, caramelized onions,
Maple cured Indian candy, olive tomato tapenade & parmesan pepper tuile
Assorted Hors d’Ouevres passed butler style
Prawn Salad Roll with dipping Sauce – Per dozen
Bruschetta with Tomato & Onion Confit
Fennel Scented Spanakopita
Wild Mushroom & Goat cheese tartlets