Month: August 2019

PlayWorkers Youth Theatre Workshops

This summer, PlayWorkers Youth Theatre will be running 6 workshops. Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of theatre. Each workshop is available to a variety of ages. You can sign up for one class, multiple or all 6. Workshops will run on Fridays, excluding long weekends.
  • When: Fridays, 12-4pm. (No long weekend Fridays.)
  • Where: RCTC Studio, 10660 City Parkway, Surrey, BC
  • What: Theatre Workshops
  • Cost: $20 for one session. $120 for all 6. $60 for any 3.
  • How to Register: email with your child’s Name & Age
Must pay in advance to secure placement in workshop. Spots limited to 12 per class.**Must have at least 4 students to run a workshop.
Mask Workshop: August 23, 12-4pm, Ages 13-19
With Steve Weller We all wear masks, we just don’t know it. In this workshop, students will learn about neutral and character masks. What is the difference and how do they make us act differently. Steve Weller will teach students about respect for masks, discovery of characters through mask and how to bring those characters to life. Monologue Workshop: August 9, 12-4pm, Ages 13-19 With Crystal Weltzin Monologues are a whole play and performance within themselves. No other actors on stage to help or hinder you, monologues are all about the only performer onstage. How do you take the space and hold an audience’s attention. Going back to the basics, students will learn about presence, objectives basic acting skills and how to apply it into a monologue. Dancing for Beginners: August 16, 12-4pm, Ages 10-19 With Ellie King and Crystal Weltzin Dancing for Beginners is a great workshop for anyone who have never danced before or who are nervous about dancing onstage. Learn basic musical theatre moves that are essential to dance, and maybe a little bit more. Ellie King, trained in dance and drama, will be teaching you how to confidently move your feet and body so dancing becomes a little easier with every step. Her trusty dance captain, Crystal Weltzin, will be there to assist and help anyone who needs just a little more one-on-one. Performance Design: July 12, 12-4pm, Ages 13-19 With Crystal Weltzin What does it take to create a good show? It’s more than just acting. It’s a beautiful, well rounded design. This workshop will focus on concept and set design, specifically looking into realism, melodrama (Commedia dell’arte), and immersive theatre. At the end of this workshop, all students will try to create their own concept around a fairy tale, thinking about new ways to tell well known stories. Voice and Movement: July 19, 12-4pm, Ages 10+ With Crystal Weltzin How do actors move differently for different characters? How do you change or use different parts of your voice for varying emotions on stage? In this workshop, we will explore how to warm up our voice and body professionally, as well as how to use our voice and body in new characters. By the end of this workshop, students should feel more confident in using their voice and have more ideas on how to move for different characters.

Improv Workshop 2019
With Crystal Weltzin
July 26, 12-4pm, Ages 13-19


New date to be announced.

Do you ever feel like you freeze up in stressful situations, either at work or on stage? Have ideas but are nervous to share them? Improvisation is a great skill to have both onstage and off. Start learning to how to open your mind to new ideas, roll with the punches and bring your creative thoughts to the table. After this workshop, led by the incredible Michael Charrois, you should feel more open to give and take ideas and step into new situations.

Happy Participants

All in good fund – 2019

All in Good Fund

This fundraiser is dedicated to mentoring the kids you’ll see on stage at the Massey in our upcoming pantomime, Snow White !

We are so lucky to have the one and only Simon King, an amazing stand-up comedian, with us for this event. He will have a guest with him, and together they will bring us an exceptional, hilarious, side-splitting evening of entertainment. Simon will also be on stage this holiday season at the Surrey Arts Centre and the Massey Theatre.

Simon has numerous national television appearances including Comedy Network, CBC, CTV, TBS, Comedy Central to name but a few, plus regular radio play on both terrestrial and satellite radio, and in person appearances at all the major North American Comedy Festivals. It is only a matter of time before this grass roots superstar becomes a household name.

His unmistakable style, commanding stage presence and lightning wit will win you over but the scope, meaning and sheer hilarity of his material will blow your mind. There is no question that Simon King is an absolute force of nature.

[See videos of Simon in action on YouTube]

“From everything I have seen, Simon King is truly a gifted comedian” – Robin Williams

“….a force on stage: he gives it to you straight with explosive delivery, and his humour always makes you think. Think George Carlin meets Sam Kinison.” – The Georgia Straight

Sponsored by:
Elements Casino Logo

Wed, 25 September 2019 7PM – 10PM

Elements Casino Surrey

17755 60 Avenue

Surrey BC

Tickets just $20 advance. $25 at the door. No refunds.

Black and white photo courtesy David Sell.