Sinbad, the Pirates and the Dinosaur played the final performance on January 6, 2018 at the Massey Theatre
Written and Driected by
Ellie King

A perfect holiday treat for the whole family! Cheer the good guys, boo the bad guys and laugh out loud at the silliness of the retelling of the classic story, featuring all your panto favourites. Add toe-tapping music, sparkling sets and costumes and there you have it.

Traditional British Panto at its rambunctious best! Sparkling, magical, family fun awaits when we join Sinbad and his wacky crew in a rollicking and hilarious adventure on the high seas. Come and sing along with toe-tapping music, groan at corny old jokes, cheer the good guys and boo the bad in this hilariously funny show, as we say farewell to BC’s favourite Dame, Alan Cedargreen, when he wields his wooden spoon for one last time.
Sinbad is written and directed by BC’s own “Queen of Panto” Ellie King and features many of the panto stars who have been delighting audiences in BC for over 28 years. Patrons have been known to remark that they expected to walk out of the theatre into Oxford Street in London, so true is RCTCs panto to the British tradition, complete with Dame and Principal Boy, slapstick, music, dance, magic and the worst collection of corny old jokes in captivity. As always this is an original Canadian script featuring original music – both written specifically for the play.
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    Not very serious, Super FUN,
    RISK of shouting & laughing
    Chance of belly-busting...
    likelihood of zany jokes...

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Audience Reactions:


Langley’s Ellie King, dubbed the queen of pantomime, is breathing her own wicked sense of humour and mirth into a production of Sinbad, The Pirate and The Dinosaur, which sets sail this week on a sea of hilarity.



Sparkling, magical, family fun awaits when we join Sinbad and his wacky crew in an hilarious adventure on the high seas. Complete with toe-tapping music, corny old jokes and an annoying Princess, this hilariously funny show is where you can say farewell to BC's favourite Dame, Alan Cedargreen as he hangs up his wooden spoon for good.


Beauty and the Beast

True traditional British pantomime, including lots of music, corny jokes, special effects, spectacular costumes and all the special magic you’ve come to expect from the Christmas pantos of The Royal Canadian Theatre Company. There is always a happy ending – what more could you want?

Melanie Minty

Snow Queen

We enjoyed this so much!
  • Katharine Grace

Snow Queen

We saw (The Snow Queen) at Surrey Arts Centre and soooo good.
  • Katherine Grace

Snow Queen

The girls have been asking about this since last year’s performance. 😍
  • Heather Booth


It was a fantastic show!! I saw it twice! ~Mark Thornburn

Mark Thornburn


Great show! ~ GayleMarie Hamel


Amazing performances done by all. Cast and crew you all nailed it like always! Happy new years and may you all have a blessed 2024! ~ Mike Simpson


We went to see this last night, the relaxed performance. It was excellent! The Royal Canadian Theatre Company pantos just keep getting better and better. Thank you to everyone involved in the production and Merry Christmas to you all! ~ Sandra Juniper


This was a fantastic show for both adults and children. The cast was on cue with all of the dialog and activity on stage. Thoroughly enjoyed the sisters amnesia and anesthesia. Demon godfather definitely was in the role dealing with both the actors on stage as well as the distractions from the audience.
Kudos to all of the cast and support staff for this excellent entertainment. My granddaughters (10) and I enjoyed it immensely. ~ Jim Thompson


Saw the show for a second time tonight. Loved it just as much as the first time! ~ Mark Thornburn


A laugh a minute pay attention and try to keep up! Good Laugh is good medicine. ~ Katharine Grace


This show was brilliant! My cheeks hurt from laughing! ~Sharon Wyatt Haasdyk

Mentorship Testimonial 1

Our children absolutely enjoyed every minute of their "Panto" experience. From the very beginning we were welcomed with open arms. We were impressed by the calibre of talent and professionalism by everyone involved. Our girls have learned so much about the process of putting on such a production, and it was truly wonderful to see their confidence blossoming and their eyes beaming while on stage. They have already stated they want to audition again next year and we are all looking forward to it!

- Sharon Haasdyk

Sharon Haasdyk
Proud Parent

Mentorship Testimonial 2

The difference I have seen in Riley has been amazing. From a boy who was constantly in trouble at school, just for being a bit too much of a boy to becoming a focused, self-controlled young man has been a remarkable change. His 4 years spent under RCTC's tutelage coupled with his enjoyment of performing on stage has motivated such change in his life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What you do changes lives. Riley is the kind of kid who could have easily ended up on the street. Now he is making big plans for his future because of the confidence he now has. Thank you so much for everything you and your team does. 

-Shara Nixon

Shara Nixon
Proud Parent

Mentorship testimonial 3

I'd like to say how appreciative my family is of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company. My daughter Sharron has been a cast member for the past three years. Before my daughter auditioned for her first year, she lacked confidence and self worth. I can't thank the RCTC enough for the opportunity that was given to her. In the past three years her transition into being a confident young lady has been inspiring and I believe that the friendship and mentoring of the people in the RCTC has had a major role in this. The RCTC brings positive influence to our youth and I hope that they will continue to be able to do performances for years to come. You guys work miracles and I'll be forever appreciative of what you've done for Sharron.

- John and Hajnalka Szogi

John & Hajnalka Szogi
Proud Parents

Mentorship Testimonial 4

Aeron has grown up with this company as has her sister Cayleigh. Every year, at the end of summer break, the girls start asking When Panto is going to start. When they are going to see their "Panto Family" again. It is a joyous reunion with old friends full of hugs and laughter and new friends are brought into the fold with kindness and professionalism. I can truly say that this family has helped our girls grow into outgoing, confident, responsible and respectful young ladies. They have learned about commitment. And sometimes they've made mistakes. One year Aeron ruined the paint on a set piece and not by accident. She took responsibility for her actions with many tears and a great deal of trepidation. The production staff dealt with things fairly but also with compassion. She learned that her choices don't just affect her. And that being honest about things is a lot better and less scary than hiding what you've done. To have that kind of experience in a safe environment, with people who are willing to let you learn and make mistakes, without trying to beat you down, well that kind of atmosphere is hard to find.

- The Elcheshen Family, Stephen, Kerri, Aeron, & Cayleigh

The Elcheshen Family
Proud Family

There is a sense in the Royal Canadian Theatre Company that differences do not exist. Since my daughter Kai and I have joined the cast, we have learned tremendously from the many experienced actors, choreographers, costume designers, and crew. Inexperienced cast and crew members are given a stake in the show, taught and encouraged to take ownership. Many parents work side by side with their own children. Last year, there were at least 5 families working together on and offstage from a variety of cultures. Parents and children have the unique experience of learning from each other. And where else could you see an Indo-Canadian Blue Fairy, a Philippina leading lady, an elderly Englishman, Japanese, European Canadian cast & crew members, people with disabilities, people of diverse sexual orientations, musicians, actors, techs, working together in a learning environment where new members are mentored and often in the driver's seat of their new learning experiences. 

- Jeremy Glass

Jeremy Glass
Proud Parent