This show was running early 2017
Written by Norm Foster
Directed by Ellie King

We are terribly sorry,

Some one played with the whirly gigs and made a mess…

Opening Night - 2017

Opening Night is the story of an unusual evening at the theatre.

Ruth Tisdale has lucked into a pair of tickets to the opening night performance of a new Canadian play and she drags her husband Jack to the theatre as a way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Jack, however, would rather be at home watching the seventh game of the World Series on TV. Jack and Ruth are in the VIP lounge mingling with invited guests before the show when Jack spots someone he recognizes from TV.

Hilarity follows, reaching its peak when we finally witness the ‘performance’ of what must be one of the worst plays ever written!

Suitable for older children.

  • Suitable for:

    Adults & older children 12+.
    Some suggestive dialog.
    Parental Guidance.

  • Comedy

    Light entertainment.
    Comedy with a bit of mystery.

  • Relaxed Performance*

    *Click the title to read more about "Relaxed Performances"

Audience Reactions:

Dark comedy

The show will split your sides and rupture your spleen. It’s a dark comedy you don’t want to miss. You’ll be totally entertained. I think you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Shaun McHale


Went last night! Amazing show!

Eli M.

Great Show

Great show! Saw it on Saturday and laughed and laughed!

Brett O'.

So fun!

So fun! So glad I got to see you and the show. Just so well done:)

Yasmin A.

Super entertainment!

Wall to wall laughs! Super entertainment!

Jes A.


We were in the audience @surreyartscentre last night. The play was thoroughly delightful. You were your always talented and artistic self and the audience loved you for it. We went home and checked out the 1949 Blithe Spirit movie with Margaret Rutherford. So wonderful to be back at live theatre. Thank you to all who made this happen.

Penny Priddy


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