Hansel, Gretel and the Strolling Players 2018

Traditional British Pantomime

Written and Directed by Ellie King

The apple crop has failed for the past five years which is a disaster for the famous strudel makers of the little village of Unterstrudel, situated somewhere between Austria and Hungary. But the Strolling Players have come to town bringing their own silly brand of entertainment to lighten the mood, and now love is in the air so it can’t all be bad, right? Oh but what’s this? Young Hansel and his sister Gretel are in terrible danger from Mistress Grimm, their father’s fiancee who is scheming to kidnap them for her own nefarious ends. And nothing attracts youngsters like a Gingerbread House full of candy. Oh dear – who can save them from a terrible fate? (no, in this version she doesn’t eat them!) All your favourite panto characters are here in this, the most traditional panto in BC. Join in the fun by booing the bad guys, cheering the good guys and add to your Holiday Cheer as this feel-good show sets your feet tapping and lifts your heart. Age guidance: Pantomime is loud for a small pair of ears, spectacular sights can sometimes cause tears! If bringing a little one, please be aware, one or two scenes are intended to scare. All the jokes for laughter, ensures that we finish Happily Ever After.


Featuring the Mayday Club Youth Choir for Neurodiversity

This year we are delighted to be offering a

Relaxed Performance for children, young people or any patrons with disabilities, additional support needs and those on the autistic spectrum as well as their parents, teachers or guardians.

At this year’s Relaxed Performance of Ellie King’s Hansel, Gretel and the Strolling Players, minor sensory adjustments to the production will be made in order for us to cater to an audience who might not feel they can usually come to enjoy the magic of pantomime.

The performance is essentially the same show with some small adjustments for your comfort:

  • Sound levels are reduced
  • Lighting levels inside the auditorium are increased
  • No strobe lighting or pyrotechnics are used and some special effects are changed
  • The cast will come on stage before the performance to explain what’s about to happen
  • Auditorium doors are left open so you’re free to come and go
  • You can move around during the performance if needed