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Welcome to our website at https://rctheatreco.com. This site is operated either by or for and on behalf of The Royal Canadian Theatre Company. On this site and in these documents The Royal Canadian Theatre Company may be referred to as “us”, “we”, “our” and “RCTC”.

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Regretfully we are required to designate, implement and display specific policies to comply with a multitude of regulations and laws related to the modern internet. While we would like to keep it simple, the type of services we like to provide come along with the obligation to have and display these policies for our visitors to see and understand.


  • we provide this website as a free service to the interested public
  • we are a not-for-profit-society with limited resources
  • we value and respect our patrons, cast & crew and site visitors
  • Your continued use of the site implies acceptance of our policies, terms and other rules regardless of weather they are explicitly listed here or can be implied
  • If you should be uncomfortable with any of our policies or find that our polices are not acceptable to you or in your jurisdiction your only and finite remedy shall be to stop using our site and/or services.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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