RCTC Bottle Drive

We will take your bottles and empties!

The great thing about this new version of an old and tried fundraiser is that you can make your donation at your convenience and near to your home or work! YES, simply drop off your bottle donation (types in the picture) in a single bag at ANY Return-It Depot in the lower mainland.

PLEASE use our account number: 604 209 5644 and mark it on the bag(s) or put a slip inside… The staff at the Return-It Depot will do the rest after you drop it off.

DONATE at any time and as many times as you like! We are VERY GRATEFUL for each and every donation!

THANKS for supporting us – we need a lot of support to re-start after the COVID-19 restrictions.

EVERY penny is appreciated – even though pennies are no longer in our wallets and purses…