Kamil Uzmasson

The past 3 years have been quite an adventure for Kamil Uzmasson: from sharing an elevator with Meryl Streep to seeing the back of Timothee Chalamet’s head.

But little did they know that soon all of that would be left behind and they would find themselves in Wonderland playing the very character who has inspired their erratic and absurd behaviour – the March Hare of course.

This would be Kamil’s first pantomime and hopefully first of many.

In the past, Kamil spent a time and a half in Ottawa performing theatre with some absurd people and then marched on over to Toronto to do more of that and somehow eventually ended up on the shores of BC.

They are quite excited to be ‘Hare’ and around some really funky humans and are looking forward to all the absurdity.

Enjoy the show all you funky humans and have a cuppa tea!

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