Agatha Christie’s
Directed by Ellie King



*SIR ROWLAND DELAHAYE – Clarissa’s Guardian, 50+, fine English gentleman, kindly, clever
*HUGO BIRCH – 50+ can be somewhat short-tempered, but really very kind.
*JEREMY WARRENDER – 30’s upper-class charming, not all he seems
ELGIN – 40+ – the butler – as you would expect
OLIVER COSTELLO – 30s+ – unpleasant man, drug dealer
*HENRY HAILSHAM-BROWN – Clarissa’s husband, 45+, kind, loving but somewhat absent minded
INSPECTOR LORD – 40+, clever and personable detective
CONSTABLE JONES – any age between 20 and 55, the Inspector’s right hand man


*CLARISSA HAILSHAM-BROWN – mid 20;s – mid 30’s, imaginative, full of fun
*PIPPA HAILSHAM-BROWN – 12/13 ish – Clarissa’s young stepdaughter
*MILDRED PEAKE – 40+ the gardener, jolly hearty soul, typical English country-woman,hiding a secret.Auditions – Saturday, May 4th


Call back day 1 – Sunday May 5th

Auditions will be held at the Studio, 10660 City Parkway, Surrey.

Equity actors will be hired under the terms of the DOT agreement:   non-Equity performers will receive an honorarium commensurate with the size of the role.

Rehearsals begin mid-August:  Play runs Oct 18 – 26 in Surrey and New Westminster

NOTE:  this play is set in 1950s England, and we require professional level English RP (upper class) for all roles marked with *.  Other roles could work with other British dialects.

Synopsis:  In her second most popular and long-running comedy thriller, the Grande Dame of Mystery bring us a lively young woman whose imagination can sometimes get away from her, and who finds a real dead body.  Who is he? Where did he come from? Secret panels, a mysterious caller, a priceless object – all ingredients in this fun and entertaining show.



Electronic headshots/bios will be accepted. Only those invited to audition will be contacted.

Submission deadline: Wednesday 1st May, 5 pm PST