It’s 1938 and Jeff Kincaid, star reporter, is falling down on the job of writing for a major newspaper. Young Mary arrives in the office looking for a job as a journalist. Bosco, the crusty editor, sends them out together to report on the upcoming weddings of a local society mother and her dimwitted son. Crackling, super-fast dialogue: Hollywood movie stereotypes: a challenging and affectionate spoof.
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The Royal Canadian Theatre Company encourages submissions from diverse artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender expression.

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company employs non-discrimination in all areas of casting, production staffing and management.

COVID-19 Precautions

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company will be following Provincial Health guidelines with the following approaches:

  1.  Practising Social Distancing:
    • All seating in the green room will be socially distanced.
    • There are physically distanced circles in the actual audition room for you to keep your distance for yourself or if auditioning with a partner.
  2. Using the Outdoors:
    • Because people will be congregated in our green room, we will be opening our garage door to give more space and fresh air to all applicants.
  3.  Masks and hand sanitizer:
    • We do recommend everyone coming to the audition wears a mask in the green room as that will be the busiest area.
    • We have both hand sanitizer and an area to wash your hands whenever needed.
    • As per public health guidelines as well as venue policy, we are only able to cast actors who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
    • Actors will be required to provide proof of vaccination before commencing work.