Alice in Wonderland
by Crystal Weltzin
Directed by:Kerri Norris for The Royal Canadian Theatre Company
Location(s):Surrey & New Westminster
Surrey Arts Centre:December 18-26
(NOTE: Performances Christmas Eve & Boxing Day!)
New Westminster - Massey TheatreJanuary 1-2
(NOTE: Performances New Years Day!)
Rehearsals:From October 7
- Thursday evenings
- Sundays daytime
- Saturday rehearsals added at the end of November/Start of December
Callbacks:August 24th
(Only those invited to call-backs will be contacted.)
Auditions:August 23rd in the evening
Deadline:Please submit by 2021-AUG-22
Application:Please send your headshot and CV to with the character
you’re interested in auditioning for in the Subject line. (clicking on the CHARACTER will take care of that...)
Payment:Only leads will get honoraria.
The roles of Fairy Fuchsia, Alice, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Prince Argent, the White Queen, Mad Hatter and Dormouse have been cast.
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Demon of  Darkness
20’s and up
male identifying
The truest force of all evil in pantoland/Wonderland. The Demon of Darkness is selfish, entitled and all around bad. The opposite of Fairy Fuchsia, his arch nemesis, the Demon of Darkness will win at any cost.
Lord Blanchard
20’s - 30’s
female identifying
Lord Blanchard is Prince Argent’s best friend and the White Queen’s top advisor. He gives the best advice and has the most charming smile. A smart and sweet character who can sweep even the grouchiest queen off their feet.
Princess Diamond
female identifying
Princess Diamond is a kind, ambitious and politically savvy princess, cousin to the Queen of Hearts. Not one to be afraid of conflict, she will roll up her sleeves and dive in head first to get the job done. She is selfless and will always put others' needs before her own.
March Hare
20’s and up
A very silly and trusty character who likes to go with the flow. A happy part of the motley Tea Crew, pulling pranks and making silly jokes left and right. March Hare is the moral compass of the Tea Threesome.
Ensemble Members
Children, Youth and Adults
Fairy Fuchsia...has already been cast!
Alice...has already been cast!
White Rabbit...has already been cast!
Queen of Hearts...has already been cast!
Prince Argent...has already been cast!
The White Queen...has already been cast!
Mad Hatter...has already been cast!
Dormouse...has already been cast!

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COVID-19 Precautions

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  1.  Practising Social Distancing:
    • All seating in the green room will be socially distanced.
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    • Because people will be congregated in our green room, we will be opening our garage door to give more space and fresh air to all applicants.
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