Screwball Comedy


Runs:2020: March 5th  – April 25th
Location(s): Surrey, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Chilliwack & Vancouver
Rehearsals:2020: February 17 – TWO WEEKS in Surrey, BC
Callbacks:2019: April 28th
Auditions:2019: April 26th & 27th
Deadline:MUST submit by 2020: April 25th

Western Canadian Premiere – Directed by Ellie King
Contact name: TBA
Electronic head-shots & bios will be accepted. Only those invited to audition will be contacted.
Email applications to:
Royal Canadian Theatre Company is committed to intersectionality in all areas of casting, production staffing and management.
Equity actors will be hired under the terms of the DOT agreement.
Sides available on Google Drive.
NOTE: This play is a spoof of the Screwball Comedy genre of Hollywood movies from the 1930s and 1940s.
We encourage actors to familiarize themselves with the style.

Actor 1 – JEFF20’s – 30’sA womanizing reporter for a popular newspaper. Charming.
Actor 2 – MARY20 – 30’s An ambitious and spunky young woman vying for a journalism position on the same newspaper.  Ambitious.
Actor 3 – ReginaldolderActor 3 plays 4 different roles!
a proper English Butler
Actor 3 – Boscomiddle aged-ishcrusty editor of the newspaper
Actor 3 – Peter upper crust American playboy, older – middle aged
Actor 3 – Chaunceyyoungerapparently dumb upper crust American playboy
Actor 4 – JonesyyoungerActor 4 plays 3 different roles!
spunky receptionist for the newspaper, younger
Actor 4 – Deloresmiddle agedupper crust American matron, middle aged
Actor 4 – Gloria30’s – 40’sfemme fatale, hard to pin an age, possibly 30/40s


It’s 1938 and Jeff Kincaid is falling down on the job of reporting for a major newspaper. Young Mary arrives in the office looking to be hired as a journalist. Bosco, the crusty editor, sends them out together to report on the upcoming weddings of a local society mother and her dimwitted son. But all is not as it seems, and Jeff and Mary find themselves trying to help solve a mystery while at the same time keeping their growing mutual attraction under control.
Crackling, super fast dialogue: Hollywood movie stereotypes: multiple characters: this is a challenging and affectionate spoof by one of Canada’s most successful and popular playwrights.