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Runs:2018: Oct 18th to 26th (approximately!)
Location(s):Surrey & New Westminster
Rehearsals:2018: MID August – in Surrey, BC
Callbacks:2018: May 5th
Auditions:2018: MAY 2nd & 3rd
Deadline:MUST submit by 2029: May 1st

Directed by ELLIE KING
Contact name: Ellie King
Electronic head-shots & bios will be accepted. Only those invited to audition will be contacted.
Email applications to:   production@rctheatreco.com
Royal Canadian Theatre Company is committed to intersectionality in all areas of casting, production staffing and management.
Equity actors will be hired under the terms of the DOT agreement.
non-Equity performers will receive an honorarium commensurate with the size of the role.
Sides available on google drive.
NOTE:  this play is set in 1950s England, and we require professional level English RP (upper class) for all roles marked with *.
Other roles could work with other British dialects.

*SIR ROWLAND DELAHAYE50+ – Clarissa’s Guardian, fine English gentleman, kindly, clever
*HUGO BIRCH50+ – can be somewhat short-tempered, but really very kind.
*JEREMY WARRENDER30’s – upper-class charming, not all he seems
ELGIN40+ – the butler, as you would expect
OLIVER COSTELLO30’s+ – unpleasant man, drug dealer
*HENRY HAILSHAM-BROWN45+ – Clarissa’s husband, kind, loving but somewhat absent minded
INSPECTOR LORD40+ – clever and personable detective
CONSTABLE JONES20 – 55 – the Inspector’s right hand man
*CLARISSA HAILSHAM-BROWNmid 20’s – mid 30’s – imaginative, full of fun
*PIPPA HAILSHAM-BROWN12-13-ish – Clarissa’s young stepdaughter
*MILDRED PEAKE40+ – the gardener, jolly hearty soul, typical English country-woman, hiding a secret.


 In her second most popular and long-running comedy thriller, the Grande Dame of Mystery bring us a lively young woman whose imagination can sometimes get away from her, and who finds a real dead body.  Who is he? Where did he come from? Secret panels, a mysterious caller, a priceless object – all ingredients in this fun and entertaining show.