Production name: FUNNY MONEY
Date production rehearsals start: mid January 2018 in Surrey BC.
Runs March 8th – 30th approx. 2018, Surrey, New Westminster, Maple Ridge & Vancouver.
Audition dates: 5/6/2017 & 5/7/2017

Deadline to submit: May 4th, 2017
Email applications to:
Contact name: Julian Legere

Directed by ELLIE KING and set in the Lower Mainland

Royal Canadian Theatre Company is committed to intersectionality in all areas of casting, production staffing and management.

This play requires STRONG COMEDIC SKILLS.

All actors will be paid: amount depends on size of role. Sides available upon application.

JEAN PERKINS: An ordinary woman in her forties/fifties.
HENRY PERKINS: An insignificant man in his forties/fifties.
BILL: A middle-aged cab driver of spirit.
DAVENPORT: A sparse middle-aged cop with a knowing glint in his eye.
BETTY JOHNSON: A cheerful woman in her forties.
VIC JOHNSON: A brash man with feet of clay.
SLATER: A solicitous and kindly cop until provoked.
PASSER-BY: A large man.



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